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Spirograph Cyclex Review on Facebook
Posted by Customer Service Team on 1/26/2016 to Blog Articles

Our team member, Meagan Scherzinger, has produced an excellent product review of the Spirograph Cyclex. This product has not received as much attention as the other Spirograph products that we sell. We believe this may be due to potential customers not understanding how it works. There is a slightly different process involved in using the Cyclex but it is not difficult. Another of our team members, who had never used a Spirograph product of any kind before, was able to produce a number of good designs without any instruction. While I wrote the order for the Spirograph products, he picked up the Cyclex that was on display along with paper and pens and started making designs. We believe that helps show that with patience and some practice, just about anyone could produce some very nice designs.

One of the very popular trends nowadays is coloring books for adults. If you are interested in that trend but don't want to buy the books, you could make the Spirograph designs with the Cyclex and then color them in with the markers, pencils and crayons that you may already have in your possession.

Please follow this link to see Meagan's Facebook review for the Spirograph Cylex: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.885297448253322.1073741825.154001501382924&type=3

The images used in that review were supplied by Maegan Jackson.

As always, thank you for checking in and happy shopping.

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 Spirograph Cyclex Review on Facebook

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